Air New England currently operates a selection of Beechcraft aircraft including the King Air C90 and Baron 58. Our aircraft fleet is maintained to the highest standards according to Federal Aviation Administration guidelines and is perfectly suited to both executive air charters as well as private air charters.


Beechcraft King Air C90

The Beechcraft King Air C90 is pressurized, air-conditioned, and has an executive interior with leather seats and multiple USB power plugs. It can accommodate up to seven passengers and 350 lbs. of baggage. For safety it is equipped with an autopilot, is fully certified to fly IFR, and features dual radios and navigation equipment for system redundancy.

N6207F Ext N6207F Int


Beechcraft Baron 58

The Beechcraft Baron 58 is outfitted with executive seats and can accommodate five passengers.  There is a rear door for convenient entry and exit. Its 210 mph cruise speed allows for a flight time between New York and Maine of just one hour and forty minutes.

ISlesboro shuttle
Beechcraft Baron 58 Beechcraft King Air C90
Passengers Up to 5 Up to 7
Airspeed 210 mph 260 mph
Range 950 miles 1,100 miles
Beechcraft King Air C90 Drawing