Air New England LLC offers reliable non-stop air charter service to the New England region.  During the summer season we run almost daily service between New York-Boston and Maine.  Entrust us with bringing you to your vacation home in Maine from one of the region’s busy airports! We have flown thousands of hours in New England weather and specialize in Isleboro and Rangeley.

Popular destinations include New York City, Hartford, Boston, Portland, Brunswick, Isleboro, Rockland, Bar Harbor, Rangeley, and Waterville.


Shared Charters

Flying from New York or Maine? Contact us now because we probably have a flight to your destination already booked! Shared charter is an economic way to charter a private aircraft without incurring the full cost yourself. It’s simple, this is how it works:

Add yourself to the list of passengers travelling on a flight, sharing the plane with other passengers like you.
Avoid paying for both ways by sharing the flight cost with other passengers.


Why Should I Charter?

A charter aircraft offers you all the conveniences of your own aircraft without the overhead cost.

  • Select your desired travel times.
  • Avoid security check-ins and waiting in long lines.
  • Save money by paying a flat fee for the aircraft whether it carries one or six passengers.
  • Change your destination, even mid-flight.
  • Crew will be standing by, even when you’re late.

Let us help you plan your next adventure by contacting us directly for a personalized quote! Call us at +1 833-235-9263, or Request A Quote through our website today!