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COVID-19 Information

To address safety and health concerns when flying with Air New England, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will be available for our passengers and pilots for each flight.   • Gloves    • Masks     • Hand Sanitizer

Masks are not required to be worn during flight but used only as a precaution during boarding and deplaning to protect the flight crew and our passengers.  If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms listed by the CDC or if you may have been exposed to Covid-19, we ask that you please postpone your travel plans to a later date. The following symptoms include: Fever,  cough,  shortness of breath,  chills,  muscle pain,  sore throat,  headache or new loss of taste or smell. In addition to the listed symptoms, each passenger will have their temperature taken prior to flight. If a passenger is found to have a temperature of over 100.4°F, and or you are showing any potential symptoms you will not be allowed to board and the flight will be canceled.  Thank you from all of us at Air New England, we hope you continue to stay healthy and safe!

Air New England... Your Trusted Partners in Charter Travel

Air New England offers on-demand air charter service throughout the Northeast, from Boston and New York to New Hampshire and Maine — and anywhere else you’d like to travel to. Call us at (603) 351-5151, request a quote, and spend less time traveling and more time relaxing.


With On-Demand – Air Charter, you can Fly WHERE, and WHEN you want on your terms. We now offer YEAR-ROUND flights to and from all our regular destinations and beyond – giving you the flexibility to fly when you want or when you need to. Sit back and relax for some seriously stress-free travel.


Time is everything.  Why waste it waiting in lines at an airport?  Lose the wait, and try a charter flight where YOU call the shots. We’ll depart from your airport of choice and get you to your destination fast – so you can spend more time focusing on business or pleasure.


There are no compromises when it comes to the safety of our passengers and crew. Our pilots, mechanics and operations team diligently monitor EVERY aspect of EVERY flight to ensure safe travel…from take off to landing. We’re proud to have earned a GOLD rating by ARGUS International – one of the most respected aviation auditors in the country.


We hope you’re as excited to fly with us as we are. Flying with us is all about comfort and convenience…with a whole lotta fun! Leave your worries at home and get ready for a personalized flight that will make you wonder why you haven’t booked with us before.


Air New England is looking to grow relationships with reputable brokers. Click here to learn more about what we have to offer.  See our For Brokers page to learn more.


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